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The design and research institute embodies dozens of excellent young and middle-aged designers and the design team with 
hundreds of members and the professional ability for large-scale and key projects, which will satisfy the customers’ 
professional requirements in the architectural design and environmental design ,thus providing customers with the highest 
quality design services with international first-class design standards .

Depending on the first-class international design concept, superb quality, perfect service, the design and research 
institute designed a group of high professional standards and engineering project of the concept of innovation carefully, 
formed its own design specialty gradually. In interior design, display design, shop drawing design aspects, it received 
favorable reception by the owners, also won a good social reputation.
Adhering to the "design to create value, profession to improve quality" in recent years ,the design and research institute
devotes to create high quality interior space, sets up multiple internal professional team,stricts design quality, carries 
on the earnest rigorous design from the design concept, deepening program to constructiondrawing design, material selection, 
the soft act the role of configuration and so on various aspects, and controlthe effect and quality in the process of 
construction, to ensure the perfect embodiment of design effect, to ensure that customers receive the highest quality design 

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