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  • Engineering Construction

    WeiYe design to focus on business goals and the effect of each and every customer to provide the best quality construction services, with scientific management, exquisite construction technology to achieve the ideal business objectives to provide the most powerful guarantee.
  • Engineering Design & Consulting

    WeiYe design to technology as the forerunner of the standardization system, capital cost and the time of each section of lower development costs. Can control the product full cycle of design, construction and management, improve enterprise acquisition, configuration, and use of resources.
  • The Design Development Of Interior Decorating Construction Drawing

    WeiYe design with the deepening of professional team, mature internal management system, deepening, the focus has produced WeiYe deepen professional level. Planning mode service, according to the project size of some one-on-one to complete each project. The whole seamless understand your design ideas and requirements.
  • Design of Furnishing

    WeiYe design with rich experience and unique aesthetic vision, provide for the customer, including project planning, design, market procurement, field placement of a full range of display design services, designed to cover hotel, club, example room, sales center, large public space and other fields.
  • Inside Designation

    WeiYe design include hotels, clubs, example room, sales center, office buildings and other commercial space design process, such as all-round interior design service. Pay attention to human needs, create a comfortable, ecological and environmental protection living environment design concept. Because we know design starts with communication and perfect.
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