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WeiYe decoration has been implementing the concept of human resources with "people-oriented, respect for talent, the company and the employees win-win" all the time, adopting humanized management mode, paying attention to the selection, training and the use of talent, caring and motivating staff as well as regarding them as the first value of the enterprise resources.

The company carries out the above concept of human resources through a range of measures relating to continuously improving the working environment and culture atmosphere, providing the staff with first-class working environment and a career development platform, performing a competitive incentive compensation, building a good talent environment of "choose, relief, training, retention", optimizing the human resources development and management, strengthening the cultivation and training of employees. Together these efforts can help improve the comprehensive quality of skills, promote the staff grow up together with enterprise.

A warm welcome to all kinds of excellent management and technical personnel to join WeiYe decoration!


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